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A good search engine optimization service starts with the basics which will lay a solid foundation in getting your site ranked well with google and the other major search engines. So, how do you improve your ranking? Take a look at the tips below!

Titles, URL and descriptions are more important than you think....

The content on your website is not only about the information that you present to your visitors.

Search engines crawl through millions of websites to find content that works for those who are carrying out the searches.

Your page titles and meta tag titles together with your URL and a conservative amount of targeted keywords will improve your ranking as they will be identified as relevant for a particular search query.

Also your meta descriptions should be tailored to match the content and encourage people to click on your listing.

Register with Google and Bing Webmaster Tools....

Google and Bing webmaster tools can provide you with a vast amount of information.

Essentially, they will help you see immediately any problem areas and give you advice on fixing them.

By registering they will notify you by email should there be any problems with your site as well as provide you with useful information including the number of search queries, incoming links, and indexed pages.

You will also be able to upload your sitemaps which will help indexing of your entire website.

Enhance the speed of your website....

The loading time of your website is crucial.
You have a few seconds to display the content that your viewers want or you risk losing them forever.

The speed of your page will be taken into consideration when it comes to ranking and if it loads quickly you will please not only your visitors but google too!

Besides, if your website is quick, then you will see an increase in sales, subscribers and ad clicks.

Enhancing the speed may prove difficult but there are some simple steps you can take yourself or ask your developer to do for you.

To have the best chance of a fast site you will need to remove exceptionally large images, unnecessary JavaScript files, use a fast hosting service and use sprites instead of small images to reduce HTTP redirects.

Mobile friendly counts….

More and more users are now browsing on mobile devices.
Your website will need to be optimized for mobile so that all of your content is easy to access from any device.

Google now uses a ‘mobile-first index’ which indexes mobile websites.

Therefore, if your site is not mobile friendly you will struggle to get your business noticed in the search results.

Keep content relevant and new….

SEO in Cyprus is competitive so it is important that you keep your website content fresh.

This is not just about posting each day but having a publishing strategy that keeps things new and relevant. This will result in google and your visitors coming back for more.

Off page optimization….

After you have optimized your pages now is the time to start looking at off page optimization.

Off site ranking factors are very important in letting the search engines know more about your Cypus based business.

The three important factors are relevance, trustworthiness and authority. This is achieved by having other websites preferably in the same niche linking to your own.

The higher the authority of the linking site means a stronger link profile for your site.


Simplicity is often key and that is certainly true when it comes to search engine optimization. Whether you run a website that sells products or services or a blog, following the tips above will ensure that your site is on course to achieve the best SEO results for your Cyprus business.

We offer SEO optimisation as a stand alone product or to compliment our web design services. Get in touch today for a free SEO quote!

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