Is your Website Optimised for the Search Engines?

So, you have a website that looks impressive but it is of no use to you if people do not visit it or let alone find it.

To achieve high visitor numbers, you need to rank high on search engines such as Google and Bing which means you need to have an understanding of Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is known. Those three letters or three words scare many but it is not as daunting as it sounds.

The following tips below will help to improve your seo ranking in Cyprus.

Select the Correct URL

You will need to choose a URL before your site goes live. It is the address that people will use to visit your site and it has to be one that they will remember.

It is so important and it is the first place that Google looks to identify your site and then decide where it should be ranked. Therefore, it should include your business name and it’s a good idea to try and find a domain that is short in length if available!

Tip: These days it’s not such a good idea to have keywords in your domain as this practice doesn’t carry much weight with the search engines and can make your business appear spammy.

Each Page Needs Titles and Descriptions

It is possible to create a description and title for every page of your site to make it unique. The text needs to be brief yet accurate while clearly describing what your business is all about. This should consist of several keywords and phrases.

If you hover over a tab on your browser, you will see a small phrase appear. This is known as the title meta tag.

This page title is very important for the search engines and they use it to determine what your site is all about and together with the meta description tag is what appears when your potential customers are using keywords to find businesses like yours.

Using Titles and Descriptions for Website Optimisation

Make Use of Anchor Text

When you create the content for your website, you should consider using anchor text. This is the text that visitors can click and will take them directly to another page on your site or even to a relevant external site.

Anchor text works effectively and can assist users to navigate around your website in order to find what they are looking for whilst also distributing link juice and sending positive signals to the search engines.

You will need to include keywords and phrases that are linked to what you offer as a business i.e. web design Cyprus or cafe Nicosia.

This is a brilliant way to improve your SEO although using anchors excessively can cause problems for readers which in turn will alert Google and possibly land you with an over optimisation penalty.

Include Alt Text on all Images

Search engine spiders can easily determine what your content is all about but images still cause problems for them. This is where alt text can help. They look for this tag to try and identify what the image is about.

Alt text has to be accurate in the way that it describes what the image is showing and it is important that you include several keywords or a phrase that are linked to what you offer. As before don’t go overboard or stuff keywords into this tag!

Tip: When saving your image before uploading remember to change the file name to something descriptive. So instead of image52479.jpg, save it as something like web-design-cyprus.jpg.

Using Alt Tags for Website Optimisation

Use Correct Headers to Create Structure

Each page of your website should include a title, subtitle and headers. The content of your website can be better understood by search engines if you explain it in the text hierarchy.

The most important part is the title of the page which should be defined as a H1 in the text editor.

The H1 has to be descriptive and there is no requirement to have more than one on each page. You need to be careful what you choose but you do need to include keywords.

Once you have your H1 in place it is then time to look at your H2 and H3’s. If you make the structure of your text clear and concise, it will make it easier for the search engines to view the content of your page.

These tips are designed to help you get as much from SEO as possible while creating an understanding of just how important it is to the success of your website.

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