Popular #Cyprus Twitter Accounts

The popularity of Twitter as a marketing platform is unsurpassed. Content is easily shared and then shared again giving brands the perfect opportunity of getting their product or services in front of potential buyers or subscribers.

We have researched Twitter accounts in Cyprus and have selected 10 that we feel are excellent resources and worth following.

Twitter icon - web design cyprus@Cyprus4Holidays
Cyprus4Holidays promote tourism companies and their offerings on this beautiful and sunny island! Airports, airlines, hotels, boat trips and much more are featured for holidaymakers here and abroad! Click to Tweet.

Tweets 20.5K | Following 40.4K | Followers 59.3K | Likes 9162



Twitter icon - web design cyprus@cyprusmail
The Cyprus Mail is the island’s leading English daily newspaper. Covering local and international news including sports, entertainment and political news. Click To Tweet.

Tweets 35.7K | Following 323 | Followers 55K | Likes 87



Twitter icon - web design cyprus@CyprusMFA
The Official Account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Cyprus. Responsible for relationships with other states in Cyprus and abroad. Click To Tweet.

Tweets 1653 | Following 630 | Followers 15.4K | Likes 1333



Twitter icon - web design cyprus@visitcyprus
Visit Cyprus is the official portal of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) a semi government operation that promotes the island and it’s charm to tourists living in Cyprus and abroad. Click To Tweet.

Tweets 3447 | Following 1412 | Followers 14.5K | Likes 346



Twitter icon - web design cyprus@CyprusToday
Cyprus Today covers just about everything! From politics to history, from travel to the environment, from business to wildlife this account really is worth following. Click to Tweet.

Tweets 31.4K | Following 11K | Followers 11.3K | Likes 150K



Twitter icon - web design cyprus@louishotels
Louis Hotels offer 4 and 5 star accommodation in Cyprus and Greece. Part of the Louis Group which is an established Mediterranean tour operator that also offers cruises and land based holiday packages. Click to Tweet.

Tweets 4894 | Following 6872 | Followers 6689 | Likes 685



Twitter icon - web design cyprus@Cypruscom
Cyprus.com are working towards the goal of being the biggest business portal in Cyprus. The site includes both editorial content and business reviews. Run by the good folks at the University of Cyprus! Click to Tweet.

Tweets 2109 | Following 1438 | Followers 2563 | Likes 949



Twitter icon - web design cyprus@cypruseating
What is more important in Cyprus than eating! Looking for recipe inspiration or maybe you want to visit a different taverna every night? Then this is a must follow account. Click to Tweet.

Tweets 10.8K | Following 84 | Followers 2309 | Likes 151



Twitter icon - web design cyprus@UCYOfficial
The official account of the University of Cyprus. Established in 1989 the university has an impressive reputation despite it’s relatively short history. Click to Tweet.

Tweets 821 | Following 218 | Followers 2248 | Likes 484



Twitter icon - web design cyprus@HeartCyprus
Heart Cyprus promotes the island and it’s many benefits in partnership with organisations that have similar objectives. The goal is to ensure that Cyprus is seen as a top destination internationally. Click to Tweet.

Tweets 10.3K | Following 1354 | Followers 1861 | Likes 31


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*Twitter statistics correct 04 October 2018 

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